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What To Look For In An Asbestos Removal Company? – Simple Checklist

On this page we help to answer the question:

"Best Asbestos company near me?"

We give you a checklist that will ensure you get a reputable company for Asbestos removal.


What To Look For In An Asbestos Removal Company? – Simple Checklist


If you are looking to have asbestos removed, we highly recommend hiring a professional company to do this for you.


However, if you are currently looking for an asbestos removal company, we thought we would help and give you a simple checklist that you can run through to make sure that you get a company that will do the job for you.

You can also read our other guides on how much you can expect to pay for asbestos removal, the different types of asbestos we remove and if you are in a hurry, you can contact us here for a free quote.

When you are ready to have asbestos removed it can be very easy to search for: “Asbestos removal near me” - but before you go for the top of the list, we want to make sure that you get a reputable company.

Here Is What to Look for with Any Asbestos Removal Company That Is Professional:

Licensed Asbestos Removal:

Depending on the type of asbestos that you are having removed it is best to go for a licensed as best dust removal company. This means that they are licensed to handle the asbestos and also dispose of the waste.

Asbestos can be dangerous when it is tampered with so make sure that you get a reputable company that has up-to-date licensing.

Of course, any company that you choose should be able to give you a current license.


This is very simple and obvious. However, it is amazing how many times this is overlooked with people just going for the first result that comes up when they are searching for asbestos removal. We highly recommend taking some time and reading some reviews so you can see that it is a reputable company, and you will be able to read about the customer experiences.

Full Range of Service:

As you can see here at Asbestos Northampton, we offer a complete range of services and will help with everything from standard asbestos removal, asbestos garage roof removal and also asbestos surveys. We also cover reverb and demolition surveys and so should any company that you are thinking of paying for asbestos removal.

If you are searching online for a company to use and you just see a very vague website that mentions asbestos removal or if they are not specializing in asbestos removal, we would say to look elsewhere.

Waste Disposal:

Make sure that any asbestos that is being removed is disposed of professionally. Any company that you contract should be able to provide you with a valid waste carrier license.

This is actually a requirement for every waste dealer or carrier in England. There are also special licensed disposal sites that they should be using to dispose of the asbestos.

The reason for this is again that contaminated asbestos can put you at risk of contracting lung cancer or asbestosis. For that reason, you will want to make sure that the asbestos is handled and disposed of by a professional.


Another thing that you can check that should set your mind at rest is how long the company have been in operation. As you can see here with us at Asbestos Northampton this is all we do. We give you a service that will guarantee asbestos removal, survey as well as collection. Be wary of a company that has just set up in the last few months.


Make sure that you are also able to contact the company, as you can see on our website you can contact us today for a quote, you can also give us a call on 01604 556557 and you will be able to see our registered address on the main website.

If you find an asbestos removal company that does not allow you to see any of these details, then again, we would say that this is a warning sign.

Get A Quote:

Remember that old saying:

“First impressions count!”

It is true!

We highly recommend that you get a quote from a company that you are thinking of using. We believe that that quote should be free, the quote is not just to assess how much a job will cost but also, so you are able to assess us and see that we are the right company for the job.

If you follow the above guidelines when you are looking for asbestos removal you are virtually guaranteed to get a company that you will be able to trust that will get the job done.

As an extra piece of advice, we would say:

“Always go with your gut!”

The invention of the Internet is a fantastic thing; however, it also means that anybody can get set up relatively quickly and start offering their services.

If you make sure that you go through the above checklist you will get an asbestos removal company that has been in business for a while, you will also get a licensed company and someone that can do the job.


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Asbestos Collection:

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Need Asbestos Removal?

If you need asbestos removal, help with working out whether you actually have asbestos, asbestos garage roof removal or you are just looking for a quote - click here to contact us and we will be happy to help.

We cover Northampton and all of the surrounding areas - we can service anyone out as far as Milton Keynes, Luton and Oxford as well.

I hope this helped give you an idea on what to look for to make sure that you find a great asbestos company near you that can do the job.

Thanks for reading and contact us today!

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