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Read This Before You Hire A Company For Asbestos Garage Roof Removal

On this page we will explore how asbestos garage roof removal works and what to look for.

We give you guidance on what to look for in a company before you hire them.


If you are considering having your garage roof replaced because your current roof contains asbestos, then you should be pleased to know that this is a fairly straightforward job.

We wanted to cover a few points to ensure that you are able to:

  • Replace your asbestos garage roof quickly and easily.

  • Get a reputable company to do this for you.

  • Get to know the process a little bit before you commit to hiring someone.

The following content will essentially give you a checklist of what to look for before you hire someone for asbestos garage roof removal.

It can be very easy when you are just looking to have this job done as quickly as possible to go to Google and type in: “Asbestos garage roof removal near me” and then select the first company that comes up.

However, we will help you out and give you some pointers, so you know that you have a reputable company.

Why does an asbestos garage roof need replacing?

Asbestos was used extensively as it has a very long lifespan and is very tough.

In fact, asbestos cement was so popular that it was the “go to” choice for a garage roof all of the way up to 2000.

The problem is as we now know if the asbestos fibres become loose and are inhaled it can’s fatal disease.

The problem really comes in an asbestos roof that has been damaged, you are better off getting the entire garage roof replaced with safe materials.

This is not a job that you will want to leave because of the risk of fatal disease down the line. If you are thinking about renting the property you will need to have this done for legal reasons.

What Are The Steps For Garage Roof Removal?

The first step will be to get a quote for your garage and the job. Most garages are a standard size, and the size of the job will be directly influenced by how large the surface area of the roof is, how high up the garage roof is and how easy is to access the garage roof.

For instance, if you have a garage roof which has a very elevated pitch and is difficult to get to this can make the job more time-consuming.

We are normally able to give you a quote quickly and easily. For asbestos garage roof removal, you may not even need a survey.

Although, it can be difficult to tell the difference between asbestos and a standard cement garage roof to the untrained eye we are normally able to tell you if you are dealing with asbestos quickly and easily.

In some cases, we may need to carry out a survey to make sure that the roof does indeed contain asbestos.

What To Look For When You Hire A Company For Asbestos Garage Roof Removal?

We wanted to cover a few pointers that will help you if you are searching around to get the job done quickly and easily.

Any company that you hire for asbestos removal should give you:

A professional team that is able to give you proof of certificates that enable them to dispose of asbestos waste quickly and easily.

You should also find that they are wearing the right protection and they are also working while protecting the surrounding areas from any asbestos.

A full walk-through of the job in hand, as mentioned above asbestos garage roof removal is quite straightforward as long as you get a reputable company. Any decent company will be able to give you a straightforward walk-through and a timescale for completion.

Of course, they should also be able to dispose of the asbestos waste safely and professionally.

Our main advice is to make sure that you have a company that specializes in asbestos removal. We highly recommend that you do not hire someone that is a “handyman” or has included this in the list of their services on the fly to make a quick buck.

If you want the job done professionally and you also want to end up with a roof replaced that is a professional job, make sure that you hire professionals in from the start.

Next Steps:

Here at Asbestos Northampton, we have a professionally trained team to the BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society) safety standards for handling asbestos. We are also P402 qualified in asbestos survey and asbestos removals.

Our team have also dealt with all sorts of asbestos jobs over the last ten years and are very experienced.

For this reason, if you are looking for garage roof removal, we can offer you a free quote and a quick professional assessment of the job to make sure that it gets done correctly.

Click here to contact us today for a free quote and assessment of your asbestos garage roof…

We look forward to hearing from you!

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