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Different Types Of Asbestos Survey Explained...

On this page we help to answer the question:

"What are the different types of asbestos survey?"

We will also help with which asbestos survey to choose based on your needs.


If you suspect Asbestos is present in your own property or in a property that you intend to sell or rent out it is essential to treat the problem. Before you treat asbestos and remove it, the best thing to do is get an asbestos survey.

There are different types of asbestos survey depending on the situation. On this page we will guide you on the most popular types of asbestos survey and we will also advise on next steps.

On this page we will cover:

The Different Types Of Asbestos Survey

Management Survey

Refurbishment & Demolition Survey

Re-inspection Survey

Next Steps and Booking in Your Asbestos Survey



What Are The Different Types Of Asbestos Survey?

The different types of asbestos survey are as follows:

Asbestos Management Survey

Asbestos Refurbishment Survey

Asbestos Demolition Survey

Asbestos Re-inspection Survey

What Is an Asbestos Management Survey for?

The management survey is used to check for asbestos containing materials when you intend to use the premises under normal occupation.

As long as your premises are simple and straightforward you can have a management survey that will let you know if you have any asbestos containing materials in the property.

The main reason to have a management survey is to make sure that if asbestos containing materials are present then nobody will be harmed.

The other thing a management survey will check is that the asbestos containing materials are in good condition and that nobody can disturb them accidentally.

This means that you will be able to get a full assessment to make sure that the property is safe and if any asbestos containing materials are present then the survey will make sure that they cannot be disturbed.

You will then receive a report that will give you the asbestos type, location, extent, condition and of course you may have recommendations on any work to carry out to remove the asbestos if needed.

What is an Asbestos Refurbishment Survey used for?

This type of survey is normally required if you are intending to upgrade a building/refurb or if you intend demolition.

During this type of survey, it will involve locating and identifying any asbestos containing materials before any demolition or refurbishment begins.

This will also require the area to be vacated and it will need to be certified for reoccupation after the survey has been completed.

You will then receive a report that will state the location and the extent of asbestos containing materials.

This report should also mention if the materials are in a dangerous state. You should also get a report on where the surveyor did not survey or sample.

This type of survey is essential if you are refurbishing, upgrading or carrying out a demolition of a property.

Asbestos Re-inspection Survey:

This type of survey will allow you to monitor and record the condition of any asbestos containing materials. As the name suggests this type of survey will be completed after a management survey as a re-inspection.

You will find under the control of asbestos regulations 2012 that you should carry out this type of survey every 6 to 12 months depending on what has been brought to your attention on the previous survey.

You will know whether you need to have a re-inspection by looking at your previous management survey and seeing whether the report mentioned the property has asbestos containing materials.

If the answer is yes, then you will take measures to remove the asbestos by using a professional. You can then use a re-inspection survey to get assurance that all asbestos has been removed from the property.

You will then receive a report much like the other types of survey that let you know all asbestos containing materials have been removed.

Can You Carry Out An Asbestos Survey Yourself?

No, you should not attempt to carry out an asbestos re-inspection survey yourself. This is also mentioned in regulation 10 of the control of asbestos regulations.

This states that the asbestos removal company needs to have sufficient information, instruction and training to carry out the assessment.

We highly recommend that you read our post on how to make sure that you get a qualified and professional asbestos removal company.

Next Steps:

If you are looking for an asbestos survey, then the above information should help you work out the type that you need. If you are still not sure, click here to contact us at Asbestos Northampton and will be happy to answer any questions.

We offer a fast, professional service and we can also give you a free quote and an idea of the amount of work required.

If you need any of the asbestos surveys above or if you need help with asbestos removal from a professional company, click here to contact us today.

We hope this is helped you work out the type of asbestos survey that you need.

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