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Asbestos Garage Roof Removal

We specialize in garage roof removals, we can complete these in a day so you can get your roof replaced as quick as possible. We also offer a complete garage roof replacement, we work alongside a roofing company that will come and replace your garage roof after we take away the asbestos, so you don't have the stress of finding someone to replace the roof after we have gone. For more information or a quote please get in touch.

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How To Tell If Your Garage Roof Has Asbestos?

If you are wondering whether your garage roof contains asbestos can be difficult to tell without having a sample analysed. However, if you find that you have a roof that is grey coloured and corrugated - the chances are that this will contain asbestos.

The truth is, depending on the design it can be very difficult to tell if your garage roof has asbestos. So much so that if you have a cement fibre roof panel and you put this side-by-side with an asbestos panel you will be very hard pushed to find the difference.

A couple things that can help:

  • Look for the great colour corrugated material separated into panels. This is normally the design that is used with asbestos.

  • If you have a garage that was built before the 90s, it could well contain asbestos.

Remember, we offer an asbestos inspection service to make sure that you can see with your garage roof contains this material.

Another area that you can have a look at with asbestos garage panels is the fragility of the panels themselves. You will find that with enough force asbestos will be brittle and crumble apart.

So, although it is not a definite indicator if you find that there are cracks, scaling or breaking apart this can will be a warning sign of asbestos.

What To Do If You Think Your Garage Roof Contains Asbestos?

The only thing to do in this instance is to make sure that you get a licensed asbestos survey.

We can help you with this, you can contact us here if you need help with your asbestos garage roof in Northampton, Oxford and the surrounding areas…

We also specialise in asbestos garage roof replacements to get rid of the problem entirely.

Make sure that you do not disturb the roof panels, this can lead to harmful asbestos fibres being released into the air and this is what will cause damage to your lungs.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Asbestos Garage Roof?

The cost will vary depending on the size of the roof and the material that you wish to have used to build the new roof. We offer a free quote; we are also licensed to be able to dispose of any asbestos waste for you was well.

This page will give you some more information on the cost of having an asbestos garage roof replaced and how to work it out.






If you are looking for a free quote that will help you get rid of an asbestos garage roof and have it replaced quickly and professionally contact us today…

NOTE: Remember, if you believe that you have asbestos then it is best to not disturb it. Even if you do not feel that you have disturbed it can end up getting in the air and causing problems. We highly recommend that you get a professional to analyse your asbestos and let you know what is happening.

Click here to contact us today and we will analyse your garage roof, we will let you know if there is asbestos and we will also give you a quote, if needed on garage roof replacement.

More Information on Garage Roof Removal If You Think You Have Asbestos:

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No. Asbestos can be fatal if disturbed and cause major health issues.

You can read more about some of the health issues associated with Asbestos here...

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