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Asbestos Collection in Northamptonshire

Asbestos Northampton hold a hazardous waste carriers license, we can come to your property and collect asbestos waste. We will then provide you with a waste consignment note on completion.


Who provides asbestos collection services in Northampton?

Disposing of asbestos is something that should only be handled by certified contractors. The good news is that Asbestos Northampton is licenced to provide asbestos collection services.

Asbestos waste is normally the result of refurbishment or demolition of an asbestos-containing materials building/structure.

It could sound terrifying to any property manager or owner to discover that asbestos has been used when building their property. 

When hiring a professional accredited contractor to handle this risky task, you have nothing to worry about.

However, by choosing not to employ certified professional assistance, you put yourself at risk of breaking the laws that regulate asbestos collection in Northamptonshire.  

What measures to consider for asbestos collection?

Any asbestos materials ready to be disposed of are being referred to as asbestos waste. The list may include:

  • protective equipment

  • tools used for removal

  • contaminated building materials


Those are all considered hazardous waste and they fall under The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005

and are considered to pose a very high risk to health or the environment. 


To safely and properly handle asbestos waste collection, you need to account  for the following:

  • complete a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note

  • contract licenced professionals to assess the size and risk level of the project

  • ensure that the work area is properly secured to establish the safety of the people and environment


When disposing of asbestos, the part that represents the highest risk is the breaking of large parts which disturbs the asbestos-containing materials and causes the asbestos to become air born. 

All necessary measures must be taken in order to ensure the safety of the area surrounding the work area while performing the asbestos collection.

Do I need a licence to transport asbestos waste?

To transport asbestos waste, you are required to have a waste carriers licence. It also requires you to have an isolated, lockable and easily cleanable compartment in the vehicle used for the asbestos collection.

Can asbestos be recycled?

Recent technology development by the US Department of Energy in collaboration with the private sector had developed a reliable process for asbestos recycling. 

Nonetheless, as with any newly developed technology, it is an expensive and sophisticated process to alter the hazardous asbestos-containing materials by converting them into non-toxic materials.

The process takes place by heating the asbestos materials at over 1250 °C in a sodium hydroxide solution causing the asbestos fibres to turn into a nonhazardous type of glass. 

A second method has been developed and it is conducted by using a microwave thermal treatment which transforms asbestos into porcelain tiles or ceramic bricks.

What are the benefits of asbestos collection and recycling?

Storing asbestos-containing materials can prove to be not only unlawful but also extremely dangerous. Therefore, a licenced professional should start the asbestos collection procedures as soon as the ACM has been removed. 

Aside from the fact that recycling is a moral thing to do in consideration of the environment and health & safety, removing asbestos from the waste stream will certainly avert any future asbestos-related hazards.

What areas do you service for Asbestos collection?

We can service Northampton and the surrounding areas. We also cater for Oxford, Milton Keynes etc... click here to see a full list of locations we serve and feel free to contact us for a quote...

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